Cosmetic Procedures Naperville, IL

We offer many different options and procedures for our patients.

Cosmetic Procedures Naperville, IL?

The Women’s Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery features board certified surgeon(s), state-of-the-art fully accredited facilities and clinical staff specialized in aesthetic surgery to ensure the utmost safety and beautiful, natural looking results.

We provide consultations throughout Chicagoland with three suburban locations to provide added convenience for our patients. Procedural education is a vital component of your plastic surgery experience.

This website offers informative articles, videos and before & after pictures to help you better understand our procedures and your potential results. We also offer affordable pricing, easy financing and individualized payment plans to help every patient afford their procedure.

Which procedures are available

Facial Procedures

At The Women’s Institute, we understand women as only another woman can. A woman wants to feel confident, sexy and maintain a personal appearance that she can be proud of. Our facial cosmetic procedures are specialized to treat Chicago area women with sensitivity, grace and experience. We perform our procedures with fully licensed medical and board-certified surgeons. Facial procedures available at the Women’s Institute include Facelift, Rhinoplasty, Eyelid Surgery, Botox, Collagen Injectables, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, and more.

Body Procedures

Body-shaping procedures designed to permanently reduce loose, sagging skin and unwanted fat deposits. It can help you achieve a trimmer, firmer physical appearance; boosting your confidence and increasing your clothing options. If you’re healthy but just can’t get rid of stubborn body fat or stretched, excess skin from pregnancy or major weight loss, schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon to see which body procedure can help you achieve your appearance goals.

Breast Procedures

The Women’s Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery offers several specialized procedures to help shape and enhance breasts. Breast procedures available from The Women’s Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery include Breast Augmentation, Breast Lifts, Breast Reductions, and Gynecomastia.

To schedule a consult call the Women’s Institute at 630-232-7860

Are you ready to make the move and begin with our Cosmetic Procedures Naperville, IL?

cosmetic procedures naperville, il

It is important that you discuss all of your questions and concerns during an initial consultation with our plastic surgeon.

She can evaluate the condition of your face (and underlying bone), as well as discuss your expectations and goals for surgery. In addition, a surgeon will discuss your medical history and any current medical conditions you are facing.

This is also the time when you will need to give important information, such as if you smoke, take any drugs, or medications; as these will affect your surgery and healing process.