Hair Removal: How Much Time Does It Take To Remove Hair?

Everybody has a different body with genetically programmed hair follicles. Some follicles are in what’s known as an active stage while some follicles remain dormant.

The only follicles that can be treated with the laser are those in the active state.

Our Hair Removal Procedure

The treatment is essential with multiple treatments that take place to try and catch as many follicles as possible in their active state. These treatments are usually spaced one to three months apart. The number of treatments is dependent on the individual.

When it comes to the term, “Laser Hair Removal” really means the preventing of a hair follicle’s ability to regrow hair. Unlike waxing which pulls the hair out of the follicle where it will likely grow back, Laser Hair Removal helps prevent the follicle from regrowing hair.

What Kind of Laser Do You Use?

The Women’s Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery uses the eMax Laser System by Syneron. What sets eMax apart from many lasers is its large spot size which makes the treatment faster and more efficient. The eMax’s also uses a combination of Radio Frequency (RF) and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) combined technology. These two technologies work simultaneously to help maximize the removal of an active hair follicle’s continued ability to grow.

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How much do Laser services cost at the Women’s Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery compared to hair salons or spa’s from competitors?

In most cases Laser procedures at the Women’s Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery cost the same or less than at hair salons or spas. Our Nurses have the ability to use the lasers maximum medical grade settings. This in many cases helps Laser treatments to be faster and more efficient which can help equal cost savings.

  • ALL of our hair removal is done by a Registered Nurse.
  • Most of our competitors use Aestheticians
  • Only all College Educated Registered Nurses to perform all of our laser procedures.
  • Lasers are medical grade.

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