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FAQ Page2017-01-11T15:53:12-06:00
What percent of patients have multiple cosmetic procedures at the same time?2015-05-08T11:44:14-06:00

In 2007, an estimated 42 percent of cosmetic patients had more than one procedure performed at the same time. In 2006, 41 percent of patients underwent multiple cosmetic procedures at once.

What is the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedure?2015-05-08T11:40:15-06:00

The top cosmetic surgery procedure is liposuction (“lipoplasty”), which is the removal of excess fat from a selected region of the body. The most common plastic surgery procedure is tumor removal, which is a skin lesion, such as skin cancer.


Where are most cosmetic surgery procedures performed (what state)?2015-05-08T11:42:41-06:00

Most cosmetic surgery is performed in California (one out of every five procedures).


What percentage of patients are repeat cosmetic patients?2015-05-08T11:43:53-06:00

In 2007, 42 percent of patients went back for an additional cosmetic surgery procedure, while in 2006, 40 percent were repeat cosmetic patients.


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