Plastic Surgeon Geneva IL – Basics of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical treatment that is designed to improve the size and reshape the breasts. It’s a very effective procedure that’s also known as breast enlargement or breast enhancement.

Plastic Surgeon Geneva IL

Plastic Surgeon Geneva IL

Nationwide about 300,000 women select breast augmentation every year, according to figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. That enormous popularity is largely due to the high degree of satisfaction patients experience afterwards. Quite simply, most women are delighted with their new, reenergized appearance and healthier self-esteem.

Women may decide to have breast augmentation for numerous reasons. Some believe that their breasts are too small, too saggy or asymmetrical. Other women basically wish to enlarge their breasts to satisfy their personal aesthetic objectives.

Breast augmentation at the Women’s Institute is usually performed on an out-patient basis under a general anesthetic or with an intravenous sedative. During the surgical procedure, your Plastic Surgeon Geneva IL places the breast implant either right behind the breast or behind the chest muscles. In some surgeries cases, a breast lift is also performed during the same surgical session.

The majority of breast implants consist of a silicone shell that’s filled with either saline or a silicone gel. Even though women of most any adult age group may be a potential candidate for breast augmentation, the Food and Drug Administration regulates that patients must be at least 18 to receive saline breast implants. For silicone gel implants, our recommendation is that the patient should be at least 22.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, some of the issues to take into account are:

*Size of the implants.
*Type of incision.
*Saline or silicone gel.
*Positioning of the implants.
*Potential risks of the surgery.

At your consultation appointment with Plastic Surgeon Geneva IL Dr. Hein and the Women’s Institute staff, we’ll discuss all of these specifics with you to make sure you are fully comfortable and informed. With her experience in performing breast augmentation, Dr. Hein will help you make the important choices needed to attain the results that are best for you. Most women who are contemplating breast augmentation are pleased to learn that the surgery and recovery period are typically easier than they anticipated. Dr. Hein utilizes the latest Plastic Surgeon Geneva IL techniques with specialized instruments to complete the surgery in a gentle, precise manner. The incisions are minimal and there is typically little to no bruising. The recovery is swift and the results are natural-looking – patients simply look beautiful!

Plastic Surgeon Geneva IL – The Breast Augmentation Procedure

After applying general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, the Plastic Surgeon Geneva IL makes a small incision either at the natural breast crease or the areola. For saline breast implants, incisions are usually less than one inch long and very discreet. For silicone gel implants the incisions may be slightly longer but are still inconspicuous. The next step is to create a space where the implants are to be placed. They are usually placed just behind the breast tissue or beneath the pectoral muscle. After the implant is in position, the doctor inflates with sterilized saline to the desired volume. Silicone gel implants are already filled and don’t require inflation. After carefully evaluating the breast for size, shape and balance, your Plastic Surgeon Geneva IL closes the incisions with sutures that eventually dissolve during the healing process. After gauze dressing and a surgical bra is applied, the surgery usually concludes after about one hour. Following a recovery period of an hour or so in our monitoring area, patients are usually all set to go home. The Women’s Institute provides detailed instructions for post-procedure care and will also schedule a follow-up appointment.

Many breast augmentations are performed every year at the Women’s Institute for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery with remarkable results for very happy patients! To talk about your breast augmentation, please contact Plastic Surgeon Geneva IL Dr. Jennifer Hein at 630-232-7860 to set up an initial consultation.