Radiesse is an injectable Skin Treatment Geneva IL and dermal filler. Approved for cosmetic use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, it’s a non-allergenic and non-toxic product that is safe and effective.

Skin Treatment Geneva, IL

Skin Treatment Geneva, IL

Manufactured to include ingredients that are naturally occurring in the body, Radiesse has been thoroughly tested in clinical settings. Side effects are quite rare, and the long-lasting results of Radiesse are making it an increasingly popular selection for patients of the Women’s Institute for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery who are looking for a minimally-invasive way to reduce signs of aging like facial wrinkles, lines, and nasal folds, as well as lip or cheek augmentation.

Choose Radiesse for Skin Treatment Geneva IL

Many of our patients select Radiesse for a variety of reasons: chief among them are simply the enduring results that turn back the clock on signs of aging, as well as the convenience. After a Radiesse treatment, patients resume their daily routine right away. The Radiesse procedure is a very simple one that patients can receive during a lunch break – then immediately go back to work looking refreshed and rejuvenated! For most patients, full results are apparent within just about one week following a Skin Treatment Geneva IL and patients can expect to see the pleasing results last for over one year or, in some cases, as long as three years.

Radiesse can be injected into targeted areas for improvements to features like: smile lines (the nasolabial folds), the corners of the mouth, jowls and chin wrinkles.

Animal products are not used in the manufacture of Radiesse and skin testing is not needed because of the non-existent risk of an allergic reaction. Created to work over time, the ground-breaking technology used in the making of Radiesse provides for ongoing improvement while the body’s organic collagen process is activated, adding volume around the injection site for a fuller, healthier look that erases lines and wrinkles. Radiesse gets results for patients who wish to attain a more youthful appearance while also boosting their self-confidence without an invasive surgery such as a facelift. It’s these positive aspects that make Radiesse a popular selection for Skin Treatment Geneva IL for facial reshaping, cheek and lip augmentation and the decrease in facial lines and wrinkles.

Women’s Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery – Skin Treatment Geneva, IL

At your first consultation with Dr. Hein and the team at the Women’s Institute for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, we’ll answer all your questions about Radiesse and Skin Treatment Geneva IL.
This consultation is also the time to inform us if you’re taking blood thinners or other medications that can cause interference with the natural clotting of blood. These types of medicine may make it more probable that you’ll experience some bruising or minor bleeding at the Radiesse injection site. Also be sure to tell us if you have any history of forming raised scars or if you’ve received any other Skin Treatment Geneva IL such as chemical peels. During our consultation, your skin condition will be evaluated and we’ll review your goals for cosmetic Skin Treatment Geneva IL or any of the many other procedures we provide at the Women’s Institute for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery.

You may not be a potential candidate for Radiesse if you have a bleeding disorder or if you are pregnant or nursing. You should not use Radiesse if you are allergic to lidocaine or similar medicines.

If you’re ready to learn more about Radiesse and how this innovative Skin Treatment Geneva IL is so effective for reduction of facial wrinkles and other signs of aging, get in touch with the Women’s Institute for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery today and set an appointment!