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At your preliminary consultation with Dr. Hein and the Women’s Institute Naperville IL staff, your state of health will be assessed, and you’ll receive plenty of information to answer all of your questions regarding which particular procedure you might select. On this page, we present a quick look at some of the most popular cosmetic procedures we perform at the Women’s Institute Naperville IL: facelift, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

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Women’s Institute Naperville


Officially known as a rhytidectomy, this is a cosmetic surgical procedure that reduces apparent signs of aging on the face and neck:

  • *Lax facial skin.
  • *Deep folds between the nose and corner of the mouth.
  • *Loss of facial volume that can make you appear gaunt.
  • *Jowls and sagging jawline.
  • *Lax skin, excess fat around the neck that can form a double chin.

The fading of youthful definition and contours of the face can result from a number of different factors like general thinning of the skin, gravity, too much sun exposure, smoking, and stress. If you’ve noticed any of the above signs of aging, a facelift can refresh your face and bring back a much more youthful appearance.

During The Procedure

During the facelift procedure, patients are given medication to minimize discomfort. Choices typically include intravenous sedatives or a general anesthesia. For a standard facelift, the incision ordinarily starts along the hairline, then moves around the ears to end near the lower scalp area. Fat tissue in some cases might be redistributed from the face, jowls or neck. Usually, the deeper layers of the facial tissues and muscles are lifted. Skin is repositioned over the lifted contours, with the extra skin trimmed off. Other types of facelift that may be recommended for you by the Women’s Institute Naperville IL include a limited incision facelift or a neck lift procedure.

Following a facelift, most patients of the Women’s Institute Naperville IL are ready to resume normal activity in about ten days to two weeks. After around two to three months, the facial sensation will feel full “back to normal.” As inflammation and minor bruising decreases, the enhancements of a facelift become more and more apparent. While good results for a facelift are anticipated, there’s no guarantee. In certain situations, it might not be possible to attain ideal results after one procedure.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation involves the placement of implants behind the breast and chest muscles. Breast augmentation can enhance the volume of the breasts for women with naturally smaller breasts, replace volume lost due to breastfeeding, due to pregnancy and significant weight loss, alter the shape of the breasts and create improved symmetry for the breasts if they are different sizes and shapes.

Silicone or Saline Breast Implants

Regardless of whether they contain silicone gel or saline (saltwater), all breast implants have an outer shell made from a type of plastic material called silicone. The surface of this outer shell can either be smooth or textured. Smooth implants move around very subtly in the breast “pocket.” This slight movement actually mimics the movement of a natural breast. Textured implants promote soft tissue growth and tend to remain more firmly in place.

Breast implants have a range of base widths and fill volumes. There is not really a single size that will fit all cosmetic strategies in breast augmentation. Your doctor will select the type of implant that is the healthiest match for your body and for your cosmetic goals.

Silicone Gel

An inert polymer, silicone gel does not cause allergic reactions or over sensitivity. Silicone is thicker than saline and it moves differently inside the implant shell, creating a natural feel and look to the breast. According to regulations set by the Federal Drug Administration, women must be at least 22 years old to have silicone gel breast implants for breast augmentation.

Saline – (sterilized saltwater)

Breast implants filled with saltwater are an option for breast augmentation for women over 18 years of age. In this procedure, your plastic surgeon inserts a silicone shell into the body, then fills the shell to its preferred volume with the saline fluid. Because it has the consistency of water, if saline implants are underneath very thin skin, the folds of the saline implant may tend to be felt more frequently. This is termed as implant “rippling.” Some types of saline implants have the benefit of being adjustable after surgery via the use of a remote injection port. This is frequently used in some forms of breast reconstruction to make fine adjustments to the implant volume over a period of a few months before the implant port is eventually removed.

Following The Surgery

Immediately following breast augmentation surgery, you will be taken into a comfortable recovery area. Usually, after an hour or two, you’ll be ready to go home. Before you leave, you will be provided with specific post-surgery instructions to aid in your breast implant recovery period. You will also be scheduled for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Hein. Some patients are prescribed medications which might include pain relief medication and an antibiotic to avoid the risk of infection.

It is important to wear your support garment after breast augmentation as instructed by the Women’s Institute Naperville. Some patients are instructed to clean the incisions and apply an ointment, while others may be asked to keep their bandages on until the follow-up appointment. Naturally, post-procedure instructions can vary for each patient, so it is essential to follow all instructions thoroughly.

Because it is possible that some bleeding into the breast pockets around the implants may occur during the first days after the surgery, it is recommended that patients get plenty of rest and avoid any strenuous activity. Pain usually decreases after a few days. Some patients, however, may experience tenderness and swelling for several weeks.


Liposuction slims and recontours certain areas of the body by the removal of fat deposits. The pleasing result of this popular procedure is a better-proportioned body and a rejuvenated appearance. Liposuction performed at the Women’s Institute Naperville IL is effective for reshaping the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, knees, cheeks, chin, neck, calves and even the ankles.

Like with other cosmetic procedures, patients are typically given local anesthesia, intravenous sedation or general anesthesia to remain comfortable and pain-free throughout the liposuction. The procedure is done through very small, discreet incisions through which a cannula is inserted to loosen the excess fat. Your Women’s Institute Naperville IL surgeon will move the liposuction in a gentle back and forth movement.

As the fat gets broken up, it’s suctioned directly out through a vacuuming device connected to the cannula. As the minor puffiness and fluid retention that most patients commonly experience after liposuction subsides, you’ll start to see the renewed contours of your body. While most contour improvements are long-lasting, some tone may diminish as part of the body’s aging process. While positive results are anticipated from liposuction, some patients may require additional liposuction sessions to accomplish ideal results. After undergoing liposuction, it’s important to following post-procedure directions to get the best results from your surgery. Take care to avoid strain on the incisions as your body heals.

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