The results of Breast Implants Geneva IL can be remarkable – you’ll not only look great, but you’ll feel a restored sense of confidence too! If breast implants are something you’re thinking about, please contact the Women’s Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery at 630-232-7860. We’ll schedule a consultation where our plastic surgeon will evaluate your overall condition and medical history, and you’ll be informed all about Breast Implants Geneva IL options, the surgical process and what results you may expect if the procedure is right for you.

Breast Implants Geneva IL

Breast Implants Geneva IL

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for Breast Implants Geneva IL is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. Naturally, if you are a smoker, you’ll be advised to quit before undergoing the surgery for Breast Implants Geneva IL. Below we present some information about smoking and how it impedes the healing process – which is so essential to making sure your breast augmentation is successful.

It’s probably common knowledge that smoking cigarettes is harmful to your health. It is helpful to be aware that smoking has a particularly harmful impact on your body’s ability to heal after surgery. Nicotine triggers blood vessels to contract, hinders the performance of red blood cells and decreases the blood’s oxygen levels. For the body to heal properly after receiving Breast Implants Geneva IL cells must grow, but without enough oxygen, the process can take much longer. Also, nicotine is harmful for the healthy function of white blood cells, which help prevent infections. When white blood cells are not able to effectively fight bacteria in a wound, it increases risk of infection.

If you are a smoker and you elect to have breast augmentation and receive Breast Implants Geneva IL, it is highly recommended that you stop smoking a minimum of three months before your surgical procedure. Additionally, we advise that you continue to avoid cigarette smoking throughout the recovery period after receiving Breast Implants Geneva IL.

Stopping tobacco use is particularly important for those patients who will be combining their Breast Implants Geneva IL surgery with another procedure such as a breast lift. Besides the techniques that are performed as part of an augmentation, a breast lift can require more incisions and the removal of extra skin, fat, and breast tissue. That process is somewhat more invasive than breast augmentation, so it becomes even more essential that you help strengthen your body’s ability to heal correctly.

Supplements and Medications

While the use of supplements and medications are a daily routine that benefits many women they can actually cause complications for surgery. During our consultation appointment, be sure to let our team know what products or prescriptions you are taking. Because some medications or supplements – such as fish oils or herbal supplements can lead to bleeding, we may recommend that you stop taking them prior to your surgery. A key reason is that when your plastic surgeon creates the “pocket” for your breast implants, it’s important that the tissue does not bleed excessively. This will not only help maintain safety, but also lowers the risk of developing scar tissue around the implants, which can distort their shape. Patients should not resume taking supplements and other medications until at least two weeks after breast augmentation surgery. It is also suggested that patients do not consume alcohol during the recovery period, particularly if they are taking pain medication to control discomfort.

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