Misconceptions About Facelift – Here are a few misconceptions that you may have heard about one of the most well-known – and effective – cosmetic surgical procedures: the facelift:

Misconceptions About Facelift

Misconceptions About Facelift

Everyone will notice you’ve had a facelift. Some of the most common images that may come to mind when we think of a facelift are unusually high cheekbones, upwardly pulled eyes, puffy lips and skin that just looks too “tight.” The reality is the results of a facelift performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon are not obvious in any way. Rather, patients who have had a facelift performed at the Women’s Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery appear rejuvenated and refreshed. A key consideration for a facelift that yields natural, subtle results is the technique your surgeon applies to gently pull the muscle tissue under the skin and how that skin is repositioned.

Facelifts are permanent. After having a facelift, the skin will continue to age. The unavoidable pull of gravity and diminished collagen production eventually becomes evident. Firming and tightening of the facial skin and the underlying muscles certainly creates a more radiant look, but it is notable to remember that the face – just like the rest of the body – will continue the normal, natural aging process.

Facelifts are best later in life. On the contrary, the right time to have a facelift can vary according to the individual. Some research has found that generally patients under 50 report the most satisfaction with a facelift, followed by those between 50 and 60. With comparatively younger women, the skin will typically be more elastic and able to adjust more favorably to a facelift procedure. On women who are over 70, the modifications from a facelift will likely be more apparent but also possibly not quite as natural-looking as anticipated.

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