Candidates for a Facelift

Is A Facelift The Right Cosmetic Solution For Me?

Candidates for a Facelift – A facelift is a cosmetic surgery that improves the look of the face and neck. During this very popular procedure – which Dr. Hein and the staff here have performed for thousands of women who were delighted with their results – the facial skin is elevated and the muscles underneath are tightened.

Candidates for a Facelift

Extra skin and fat is usually eliminated or reshaped in order to improve the harmony of the general facial structure. Take a quick look at the information below to help find out if you’re a potential candidate for a facelift:

Age. The noticeable signs of aging usually start around the age of 40 and continue to accelerate into the 50s and 60s. Consequently, facelifts are most frequently performed on patients 40 and up. However, each case is different and a facelift may be an ideal solution for patients of any age range.

Bone structure and skin condition. Suitable candidates for a facelift are generally those who exhibit signs of aging that are treatable, such as sagging skin, frown lines, nasolabial folds, jowls and fine lines and wrinkles.

Good health. A facelift candidate – or a candidate for most any cosmetic surgery – should be in good overall health to have the procedure. There are some health concerns, medicines and supplements that may increase risks which make you unsuitable for surgical procedures. It’s also important that you are near your recommended weight to prevent again complications. Be sure to share your medical history at your consultation with Dr. Hein to make sure that a facelift is safe for you.

No smoking. It’s obvious, but good candidates for a facelift should be nonsmokers. Smoking increases the risks related to general anesthesia and slows the healing process. If you are a smoker who is considering a facelift, it is recommended that you quit smoking at least two months before your procedure.

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