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As we age our skin slowly produces less collagen, which is the natural substance that gives the skin suppleness and elasticity. The result is that the face loses volume – especially in the cheeks. As time passes, your cheeks might start to appear leaner, flatter and even gaunt, which changes the whole contour of your face. Additionally, other flaws such as sagging skin around the eyes or fine lines around the nose can become more obvious.

Cheek Restoration

Cheek Restoration

Restoring volume to your cheeks as a corrective measure may call for more than one procedure – here are a few options to review if you’re interested in cheek and facial restoration:

Non-Surgical Solutions

Adding facial volume can be accomplished using an injectable dermal filler such as Juvederm Voluma, or by transferring your body’s own fat cells. Your cosmetic surgeon simply injects the substance directly into the cheeks to restore definition and volume. Injectable dermal fillers can last for as long as one year. If your body’s own fat cells are used to restore volume (which requires liposuction to collect the fat cells) the results are even longer lasting.

Surgical Solutions

A dramatic restoration can also be attained through facelift surgery. This popular solution results in a youthful, toned appearance that takes years off the face. A facelift can help the cheeks regain some of their youthful fullness, but injectable dermal fillers might also be needed to add volume too. Cheek implants are another solution to restoring lost facial volume. For women who aren’t content with their facial bone structure and seek a lasting solution, implants are an effective way to fill in the cheeks to attain a soft, natural look.

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