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Benefits of a Neck Lift

Benefits of a Neck Lift

It might be somewhat of a surprise to discover that your neck can show signs of aging even sooner than your face. The skin of the neck is thinner than facial skin and can make you look older well before your face forms visible wrinkles, folds or fine lines. A neck lift performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Hein can help you look years younger through the correction of loose skin, eliminating deposits of fat, minimizing wrinkles and lines and improving the definition of your neck and jawline.

Most women who consider a neck lift tend to be between the ages of 50 and 65, though women of a younger or older age range may also benefit from a neck lift too based upon their particular condition and goals. Generally, likely candidates for neck lift surgery have an excess of neck wrinkles, a double chin, jowls, poor neck and jawline definition and loose, sagging skin from the neck. These indications of aging can cause one to appear old and fatigued as opposed to vibrant and refreshed. If you’re troubled by the appearance of your aging neck, you may want to think about the benefits of neck lift surgery. It’s a procedure that involves the surgical removal of excessive skin, eradicates fat pockets and tones the tissues to create a more youthful, attractive neckline. Dr. Hein has performed cosmetic surgery on thousands of women from around the Chicagoland region – she can develop a personalized surgical plan for you that will produce youthful, revitalizing results you’ll love!

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