Candidates for a Thigh Lift

While the midsection and the hips get a lot of attention in discussions about the body’s “problem areas,” the thighs are another feature that concerns many women too. Drooping skin and extra fat on the thighs can cause feelings of self-consciousness that make participation in certain activities uncomfortable. Plus, finding clothes that are flattering and fit well can be a challenge too.

Candidates for a Thigh Lift

Candidates for a Thigh Lift can be done as a standalone procedure or in combination with other procedures based upon the patient’s needs. Due to aging and gravity, the thighs can be prone to sagging, hanging skin. A thigh lift addresses these problem areas and results in younger-looking legs with a more defined, sculpted shape.

In addition to correction of sagging skin, many women opt for a thigh lift after losing a lot of weight. A thigh lift can be conducted together with a body lift or along with liposuction to attain a more dramatic improvement if loose skin is present in numerous areas. This is typically referred to as body contouring after weight loss, which includes major benefits for women who’ve lost weight but can’t quite get back to the shapely figure they once had because of stretched out skin or stubborn fat deposits.

A thigh lift isn’t exclusively for people who’ve lost weight. Many women simply inherit a bigger thigh size that doesn’t seem to be a good fit with the rest of their body. If your skin has lost its suppleness over time, you may well be dealing with loose skin that simply can’t be addressed with changes in lifestyle or skincare products.

If you are troubled by the appearance of your thighs, there’s a good possibility that a thigh lift can help you. Contact the Women’s Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery to discover more about your options for getting a sleeker, more toned body as Candidates for a Thigh Lift. Request your consultation today at 630-232-7840.