Cosmetic procedures for the areolas and nipples – Many women who are unhappy with the position or appearance of their nipples or areolas might not be aware of the cosmetic procedures that can correct those issues.

Cosmetic Procedures for the Areolas and Nipples

Cosmetic procedures for the areolas and nipples

Some of the most effective procedures for the nipple and areola are:

Nipple lift for correction of low nipples. One of the most common concerns women may have about their breasts is when their nipples are “too low”. This is frequently seen in those patients with enlarged breasts, or may simply develop over time as the skin ages. Nipple correction lifts the nipples to a more appealing position, and also reposition the nipples that are too wide or too narrow. A nipple lift is a part of procedures such as a breast lift or breast reduction. For patients who have small breasts, adding volume with implants can provide a degree of nipple lift without the need for a separate procedure.

Nipple reduction. Enlarged nipples frequently occur after breastfeeding or may be a part of breast development regardless of size. Women considering nipple reduction for unusually large nipples are generally concerned with the prominence of the nipples, which can make them feel self-conscious. A reduction procedure can correct this trait – and the pleasing results are immediate!

Correcting inverted nipples. When the nipples are beneath the surface of the skin and do not have a normal degree of protrusion, they are inverted. This condition may present itself in adolescence or much later in life. In some cases, inverted nipples result from changes due to breastfeeding, or it may be an inherited trait. Surgical correction releases the underlying tissues and is generally performed under local anesthesia or with intravenous sedation. The procedure may also be combined with other surgical procedures for the breasts.

Correction of uneven areolas. Surgical correction of the areola calls for removal of some of the skin tissue next to or within the areola to provide a more attractive look and better symmetry.

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