Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction – Breast reduction surgery is among the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures in the nation. While obviously it’s performed mostly on women, it can also be a helpful procedure for men with gynecomastia – which is enlarged breast tissue in males. It’s a condition that is not just physically uncomfortable, but one that can also cause low self-confidence and anxiety.

Male Breast Reduction

Like most conditions, there isn’t a particular, single cause of why some men develop more breast tissue than other men. However, there are some who are more likely to develop gynecomastia:

  • * It could be due to hormonal imbalance. Males who have an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone can form bigger than average mammary glands. Other causes could be prescription drugs, drug use, inherited genes or a fundamental health condition.
  • * Age is a factor. When hormones are very active during puberty, some teenage boys will experience a short term increase in breast tissue. This generally subsides within a few years, but for some men it lasts well into their adult years. Men can also develop gynecomastia following middle age when the body’s production of testosterone starts to naturally decline.
  • * Drug usage. Too much alcohol or substance use can play a role in larger breast tissue for men as well.

The good news is that more men are learning about gynecomastia and understand that they are not alone. Thanks to advancements in cosmetic surgery they do not have to “just deal with it”.

Male breast reduction performed at our practice is a fairly straightforward procedure that typically involves a combination of liposuction and surgical removal of excess breast tissue. During the procedure, your cosmetic surgeon places small incisions in discreet locations so that ensuing scars are concealed in the body’s natural folds. For males who have low skin flexibility or have been through substantial weight change, the male equivalent of a breast lift may also be recommended to eliminate excess skin.

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