Declutter Your Diet

Declutter Your Diet – Summer time is a great time to reassess and “declutter” your dietary routine. Get the ball rolling with these basic, effective tips and discover how soon you’ll look and feel better:.

Declutter Your Diet

Declutter Your Diet. If you’d like to lose weight and boost your energy this summer season, revamping your diet is a required starting point. Begin by cleaning out your kitchen cabinets of processed foods – basically food products that come in a box or a bag – which are the main contributors for high sugar content and low nutrition. Getting rid of snacks and cookies from your cabinets will motivate you to choose healthier snacks like vegetable or fruits.

Your next task is to prepare meals made of whole foods. Also, eliminate white carbs like rice, bread and pasta. When shopping, try to fill up your shopping cart with fruits and vegetables, quality protein like raw nuts and fish and healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil. This simple practice will increase the amount of healthy antioxidants you consume every day. Within just a few weeks of eating this way, you’ll most likely start to feel more energetic and notice that your skin appears more vibrant.

Evaluate what gets you stressed out and plan to do something about it. Too much stress can be damaging to your health and even cause skin to show signs of aging prematurely. Although some stress is inevitable, you can and should try to minimize it. Stressors that can be reduced come in many forms: such as unhealthy relationships, hectic schedules or unorganized finances. Take the time to jot down what is causing stress in your daily routine and then come up with strategies to lessen its impact. You will soon notice that less stress equals more energy to do the things you really enjoy!

Before changing or adding anything to your diet, always check first with you your physician.  This is especially true if you have any existing medical conditions or are nursing or pregnant.