Get Your Legs Ready for the Summer! – Are your legs ready for shorts and bikinis this summer? If you’re not feeling as comfortable about displaying your legs as you’d like to be, there are some steps you can take to get them looking good when the warm weather comes around.

Get Your Legs Ready for the Summer

Get Your Legs Ready for the Summer!

The summer months means less clothing coverage for women who have concerns about spider veins as well as more frequent leg shaving for those who want to dress according to the heat. If you are concerned about unappealing spider veins or want to remove the need to shave your legs frequently this summer season, we got alternatives for you at The Women’s Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery.

Laser Hair Removal: Specifically if you have darker hair, shaving your legs can be a tiresome daily task during shorts and swimwear season. Laser hair removal is a remarkable option for achieving as high as 80 percent permanent hair reduction on the legs. This safe treatment targets the hair follicles, disrupting its growth cycle. While attaining smoother legs typically takes about six treatments, some patients can require more or fewer sessions. Laser hair removal, to be most effective, requires you to stay out of the sun both before and after treatment. To get ready for summertime, it’s a good idea to schedule laser hair removal treatments by the spring to see positive results in time. Even if you’re only able to schedule a few laser hair removal sessions, you’ll most likely see some positive results before the summer season ends and you’ll be able to complete your laser sessions in the fall or winter. Call the Women’s Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery at 630-232-7860 today and learn more about how you can get your legs looking good!

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