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Spider veins are those thread-like purple blood vessels that often become noticeable for many women in a range of age groups. Unfortunately, they are often a hereditary trait and can develop anywhere from the upper thigh down to the ankle. Varicose veins are bigger veins that commonly appear with a bluish coloring and, for some women, can become painful. Fortunately, spider veins and varicose veins can be removed through the convenient outpatient procedure of sclerotherapy. In fact, this reliable procedure has been in practice since about the 1920s!

The Treatment

It entails injecting a solution into the veins through a tiny needle that typically causes hardly any discomfort. The solution causes the spider or varicose veins to fade in color and gradually disappear altogether. A treatment generally takes about 30 minutes or less and consists of multiple injections. Sclerotherapy is so effective for many of our patients that it eliminates the need for any additional, invasive procedures.

Prior to your sclerotherapy treatment, we’ll evaluate your full health background to gauge how long you’ve had issues with your veins and the seriousness of the problem. The doctor may consider testing to determine if your body’s venous system is impacted and, if it is, then surgery may be suggested before sclerotherapy.

What To Do Afterwards

Most women require more than one injection to fully correct their spider or varicose veins. Generally, about 50 percent or more of the targeted veins will be eliminated. However, new veins might appear that require more sclerotherapy sessions for the best possible results.

After sclerotherapy, some of our patients will need to wear compression stockings to maintain pressure on the treated areas. Compression stockings also minimize discoloration and help to keep the treated veins closed. Bruising around the treated areas typically fade after seven to ten days.

Patients are generally ready to go back to their normal routines immediately but should avoid strenuous activities for the first day or two afterward. Though final results might not become fully apparent for a few months, most patients start to see a significant improvement as the healing process moves along.

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