We’ve all heard about the importance of getting a good night’s rest. But the importance of a healthy sleep schedule extends to more than just feeling better – sleep is also essential for maintaining healthy skin!

Good Sleep For Good Skin

Good Sleep For Good Skin

Here’s a quick look at a few of the problems that can occur when you’re not getting sufficient slumber time:

* Blemishes and inflammation: lack of sleep leaves the skin susceptible to increased likelihood of acne, puffiness, allergy issues and generally more sensitive skin.

* Tired appearance: sleep is the time for our body’s immune systems and overall biology to replenish. One of the primary functions the skin experiences during sleep is fluid metabolism and detoxing, which are necessary for leveling the skin’s hydration. During healthy sleep, the skin regains moisture while also processing toxins for detoxification. If this process is interrupted it results in inadequate water balance that can result in puffy eyes, dark circles and fine lines.

* Signs of Aging: during deep sleep, it’s the body’s growth hormones that manage cell regrowth and renewal. Without ample sleep for these hormones to do their repair work, the signs of aging can be accelerated.

* Insufficient fat metabolism: healthy sleep means less stress hormones, which means your body’s thyroid is functioning as it should. Since the thyroid is essential for a healthy metabolism, the body’s ability to burn fun suffers if it is not functioning correctly. This could result in in a puffier look for the face, concealing its natural contours.

Be aware of the importance of sleep – good quality, consistent sleep can greatly improve the overall tone and health of the skin. Some of the most effective practices you can follow to assure you get your beauty rest include going to bed at the same time each night, avoiding use of your smartphone after lights out and avoiding caffeine drinks after dinner time.

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