How Much Time Off After A Tummy Tuck – Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Hein can improve the look of your midsection by performing a procedure commonly known as a tummy tuck. It is important to know, however, that a tummy tuck is a major surgery that requires some careful planning ahead for recovery time. The amount of recovery time – like with most surgeries – can vary from patient to patient.

How Much Time Off After A Tummy Tuck

How Much Time Off After A Tummy Tuck?

Here we offer some useful information to help you decide how much time off you’ll need following this procedure:

The first aspect to consider is the scope of the surgery because all tummy tucks are not the same. Basically, the more involved the surgery is, the more recovery time is needed. The second issue to consider is the demands of your occupation. If you are seated for most of your work day, you could probably resume your work schedule in about a week after a tummy tuck. Alternatively, if you’re on your feet for several hours per day you’ll probably need to take at least two weeks to recover. For a physically strenuous job, recuperation will likely take longer. Another issue to consider is your tolerance for pain. This is very subjective, and women can have different experiences with respect to discomfort after a tummy tuck.

The fourth issue when considering how long you’ll need to recover from a tummy tuck is simply your body’s capacity to heal. If you heal rapidly, you’ll likely be able to resume work fairly soon. If you heal slowly or have a condition that impedes healing, you’ll need some additional time before going back to work. Other factors like obesity, use of alcohol and drugs or certain medications could also impact your healing from a tummy tuck.

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