Make Your Results Last

Make Your Results Last – Once you have had cosmetic surgery, you’ll naturally want your new, youthful appearance to last!

Make Your Results Last

Here are a few key practices to follow that will help your results stand the test of time:

* Say good bye to smoking. Smoking reduces your body’s oxygen levels, affects circulation and raises your exposure to free radicals that affect collagen production, which your skin needs to repair itself and to remain supple. Cigarette smoking also stimulates the development of facial wrinkles and lines around the mouth.

* Shield your skin from too much sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun can result in damage that makes scarring more obvious after cosmetic surgery. Be sure to wear wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses and clothes that protect exposed skin. Also apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30. As an example, if you’ve had tummy tuck surgery, wear tops that cover your midsection if you’ll be in the sun. This protects your incisions from becoming more visible.

* Steer clear of over-the-counter skincare products. Instead, ask your cosmetic surgeon for suggestions about which products can actually help extend your cosmetic surgery results. In addition, consider facial restoration treatments like dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables that will refresh your skin and general appearance.

* Improve your nutrition. Whole foods like fruits, leafy greens and sources of lean protein are full of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs for good immune system functioning that aids in your body’s recovery process. These foods keep your skin radiant and youthful-looking while fighting against fine lines and wrinkles.

* Get regular exercise. It’s important to sustain a healthy body weight after any cosmetic procedure. Putting on weight often leads to decrease of skin elasticity which can negatively impact results.

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