What To Consider Before Breast Augmentation – It’s among the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed at the Women’s Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, but we want our patients to be aware of which important factors to consider before choosing to receive a breast augmentation.

What To Consider Before Breast Augmentation

What To Consider Before Breast Augmentation

Implants or fat transfer – saline or silicone implants are not your only choices for a breast augmentation: another solution involves fat grafting. The procedure calls for liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body for injection into the breasts. Fat grafting may be an ideal option for women who wish to increase their breasts by up to two cup sizes.

Note that breast augmentation is not a solution for sagging breasts – a volume increase can actually cause breasts to sag even more. Rather, the correct procedure for correction of sagging breasts is a breast lift. Many women, particularly those who have experienced pregnancy, opt for both a breast lift and augmentation.

Be aware that breast implants eventually need replacement – while contemporary breast implants are remarkably safe and durable, they are not intended for a lifetime. Implants will generally last about ten years before they should be replaced. Women with breast implants should have yearly checkups at our facility. Plan to have additional breast surgery – most breast augmentation patients will outlive their breast implants or may select a breast lift in addition to their implant replacements.

Deciding on a breast implant type involves a range of factors include shape (round or teardrop), texture (smooth or textured shell) and body profile. The ideal size also depends on body proportion, posture and skin firmness. Implants that are too large, for instance, may lead to back and shoulder discomfort.

Other factors to consider with respect to breast augmentation are incision location and implant location. These and other issues can be assessed at your private consultation with Dr. Hein. Call today to schedule yours at – 630-232-7860.